Monday, August 27, 2007

Calgon...take me away

Have you ever had one of those days? Those days where you just want to crawl back into bed and stay there. Calgon, take me away days! THOSE days! That was today. Which sucks, because today was Ryann's first day of 4th grade. I woked up and puked and my knee hurt really badly. We were later getting to the school than I would've liked, so it was a madhouse. The teacher that Ry was supposed to have was moved up to the 5th grade, so she got a different teacher. Her teacher from last year stopped me in the hall to make sure that she was in a different teacher's classroom. Ry's classroom is on the second floor. We waited for the elevator for a few minutes and then Seem and Ry took the stairs. I finally gave up waiting for the elevator, and by the time I made it up the stairs, she was already in her classroom. I was sweaty, hurting and worst of all, didn't get a chance to wish her a good first day. It sucked!

After that, K drove me to my car, and I broke down and started crying as I got out of his car. I just feel so emotional and tired and helpless and guilty and my knee hurts. I feel like such a baby, but there it is. I needed to cry. I didn't get to cry long, because I needed to go fill out some forms for Ry's after school daycare. I've been on the verge of tears for the rest of the day. I'm just one hallmark card or sappy commercial away from a complete breakdown. Oh look...there's a Weight Watchers commercial on, which reminds me how fat I am and how much weight I need to lose and how I can't really work out very hard because my clumsy ass fell and messed up my knee. Here come the tears!

Honestly, I feel like I've done nothing but bitch and moan since I hurt my knee. I don't like me like this. I'm trying to suck it up and look on the bright side. So here are some good things and bad things going on with my knee.

Good things
*I can walk without crutches sometimes...YAY!
*The swelling has gone way down and I no longer have a cankle on my left leg...YAY!
*I can drive...YAY!
*I have a temporary disabled tag at my job, so I don't have to walk far to get to my office...YAY!
*I went to my 2nd physical therapy session today and have already improved enough to make a full rotation on the exercise bike...YAY! (I was so excited that the therapists were laughing at me!)
*I'm generally not in TOO much pain (unless I overdo it or move it the wrong way!) Thank you hydrocodone!!
*My husband is taking great care of me!

Bad things
*I tore my PCL.
*I have to wear a bulky knee brace.
*Said knee brace likes to slip down and I keep having to stop and pull it up.
*My injured walk looks more like a waddle. It sad, really!
*I'm constantly tired.

*I didn't get a chance to go down to the river and enjoy the water last weekend at our "family gathering" because it was rocking and rough on the way down.

I'm sure I'll talk more about it later, but I'd liked to end today by saying what an awful mom I am. Ryann went to school today with almost no school supplies. I just hadn't had a chance (or the mobility to go pick out things. We did go earlier this evening and picked up almost everything they need. They don't really go by the district list of supplies, so I hate to buy anthing til after the first day.

I fell asleep for about 20 minutes after typing that last paragraph, so I'm going to sign off and call it a day. But later this week, I'll have to tell you about the fantastic weekend I spent hanging out with my family.


Biddy said...

so do you have to have surgery to fix a torn pcl? my mother tore her miniscus and a friend tore her acl...OUCH...

anyway, they both ended up having surgery..suck

but i'm glad your hubby is taking such good care of you!! oh, and 3 cheers for no more cankle!!

Jessica said...

Biddy-I'm not sure whether or not I'll have to have surgery yet. My dr wanted to wait and see how physical therapy went. I go back to see him next Friday, so I'll probably know more at that point. My brother and dad have also both torn their acls and had to have surgery. You're right...SUCKS! Amen on the lack of cankles!

Are you guys drying out? I've never heard of Abilene flooding like that!

Margaret said...

It's about time you were back.

OK, so my dog has torn BOTH her ACL's. If you DO have to have surgery, I know a GREAT orthopedist (canine orthopedist, but who's really counting, right??) I can refer you to.

Just lemme know...

Seriously - glad you are back. Been worried about you.

Jessica said...

Aww...thanks Margaret, but Jenny is the one who needs the animal doc! ;) Thanks for worrying. I've been busy being extremely high maintenance and driving my husband nuts. I'm glad to be back!!