Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Last Friday, K and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. We had a lovely time. We spent the night at Hotel*Icon in downtown Houston. It was incredible. They made reservations and drove us (in a really cool London cab) to Sambuca*Jazz*Cafe for a mouthwatering steak dinner at a table right in front of the band. When we returned to the hotel, they gave us a complimentary "bath butler" since it was our anniversary. They came in and prepared the bathtub with Molton Brown bath products for a bubble bath. It was divine. K and I enjoyed a bottle of 2002 Inniskillin Ice Wine, which was fabulous! The next morning, we woke up and walked around downtown Houston and took pictures. Then, we met our daughter and my SIL and her family for brunch at The*Breakfast*Klub. It's the only restaurant I know where people stand in line for an hour to place their order. But it is delicious and the owner is ALWAYS there providing topnotch customer service. The entire stay was so romantic and just what the doctor ordered for us. Pictures to follow...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rut Roh!

My husband hates me! Would you like to know how I know? Because he just called and told me. And by told, I mean screamed obscenities at me. In addition to Trixie's many charms and talents, she's a very capable escape artist. After working incredibly long hours this week, K has the morning off. Apparently, Trixie flew the coupe this morning and K injured his foot while giving chase. Oops! I feel terrible, really terrible. There are two things K really hates about me:

  1. I make bad, impulsive, selfish decisions at times (i.e. to get a dog, much less two dogs).

  2. I'm messy! Seriously messy! (Disclaimer: I'm getting so much better than I once was).

My parents are going to be here today. I'm thrilled! They live about seven hours away and I don't get to see them enough. K is supposed to entertain them until I get off around lunch time, when we'll all go watch our daughter's school dance extravaganza. I feel especially bad that K hurt himself and hates me today since he's worked such long hours this week and is being such a trooper hanging out with my family this morning. He loves my parents, so it's not like it's a huge sacrifice, but still. My parents are amazing. Did I mention how excited I am to see them?

So does anyone want a wire hair fox terrier? I kid! (I think!)
Edited at 11:10am to add: Yay! I'm forgiven! Nothing like having him spend a little time with the parents to remember everything he loves about me!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Meet Yoda and Trixie........

I love dogs! As a matter of fact, dogs and babies are two of my favorite things. So I thought you should meet mine. You can probably figure out which one Yoda is on your own, but I'll give you a hint anyway. His name is Yoda because he is ugly (in the cutest sort of way), wrinkly and wise (no, seriously, he is!) The other one is named Trixie because...well, because that is what the lady we got her from named her. Personally, I would have preferred a cuter name. Maybe even a Star Wars name...Princess Leia? Sei Taria? Scurrier? I'm not really a HUGE Star Wars fan, but wouldn't it be fun to have their names match.

Yoda is a shar pei and we've had him for about three years. K originally gave his stamp of approval on getting Yoda, but tried to back out at the last minute. I've always wanted a wire hair fox terrier. I think they're too cute for words. I was fine with Yoda being an only canine-child, but K started talking about getting a cocker spaniel right before Christmas 2006. So I got visions in my head of a new puppy and when I saw Trixie on a website, I thought that it was a perfect opportunity to finally get my wire hair fox terrier. So maybe I should've thought it through a bit more? Don't get me wrong...she's delightful. She's playful and funny and big buddies with Yoda (who aside from having to get neutered, took to her pretty well). But she's alot of work. I practically begged K to forbid me to get her, but he told me to do whatever I wanted to. So I think I'll just blame him for my lapse of judgement. She's a firecracker and at 10 pounds, thinks she's the biggest dog there ever was and my daughter is crazy about her. So what if I have to keep the lids on all of the toilets down because she's fallen in repeatedly? So what if her ears don't fold down like they are supposed to? She's great! Now if I can just get her totally potty trained...........

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finnegan Begin Again

This is my gorgeous daughter on Awards Day. She won every conceivable (maybe not the best choice of words for a blog dealing with infertility) award EXCEPT for the conduct award. That's my girl! As a third grader, she scored post high school for language and 12th grade for spelling and overall at an 8th grade level. But to behave properly? That's just asking too much!

So my imaginary blog readers, you may or may not have noticed that I've been away? What's that? You've missed me? And I've missed you...wait a second...let go of my leg!!! (Shut up! This is my blog and if I want to pretend to have loyal if slightly stalkerish readers (or any readers at all, for that matter), then you can just let me have my moment!) Wow...that was really poor punctuation, wasn't it? So I don't know what happened. Maybe it was sharing the dirty little truth about my past and admitting that sometimes I feel insanely guilty for wanting another child, even though the one I have is as close to perfect as they come? Maybe it was the fact that there really hasn't been much to share on the infertility front in the past year as I've tried desparately to completely block it from my mind. I started a new job, and my new insurance just kicked in last month, so I haven't even been to the doctor or taken my glucophage in a long, long while. But now? I have baby fever again. Not that it ever really left. It didn't, as hard as I tried to block it out. My insurance still doesn't cover IVF. K's open enrollment is in November. My plan is to get on glucophage, get healthy and prepare as much as possible for IVF while I wait for November to roll around.

So it's great to be back! I'm really going to try to blog more, not only about infertility, but life in general. Because honestly? There's only so much you need to know about my va-jay-jay!