Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rut Roh!

My husband hates me! Would you like to know how I know? Because he just called and told me. And by told, I mean screamed obscenities at me. In addition to Trixie's many charms and talents, she's a very capable escape artist. After working incredibly long hours this week, K has the morning off. Apparently, Trixie flew the coupe this morning and K injured his foot while giving chase. Oops! I feel terrible, really terrible. There are two things K really hates about me:

  1. I make bad, impulsive, selfish decisions at times (i.e. to get a dog, much less two dogs).

  2. I'm messy! Seriously messy! (Disclaimer: I'm getting so much better than I once was).

My parents are going to be here today. I'm thrilled! They live about seven hours away and I don't get to see them enough. K is supposed to entertain them until I get off around lunch time, when we'll all go watch our daughter's school dance extravaganza. I feel especially bad that K hurt himself and hates me today since he's worked such long hours this week and is being such a trooper hanging out with my family this morning. He loves my parents, so it's not like it's a huge sacrifice, but still. My parents are amazing. Did I mention how excited I am to see them?

So does anyone want a wire hair fox terrier? I kid! (I think!)
Edited at 11:10am to add: Yay! I'm forgiven! Nothing like having him spend a little time with the parents to remember everything he loves about me!

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