Monday, October 15, 2007

Post op

Am still that's good! Surgery went well. Long, but well. I am taking lots of pain meds, but still hurting like hell, but hopefully that will ease soon. I go for my first check up tomorrow, so I should know a little more then. Am still terribly groggy, but will update when I'm able! I'm pissed that I'm not coherent enough to check out all of the blogs I love, but hope to catch up soon!

My mom is a Godsend! K has been really helpful, and so has Ryann. I have never felt so helpless. Not fun!


Margaret said...

I've been thinking about ya! Forget blogs - take more pain pills. We'll be here when you get back.

Jessica said...

Thanks Margaret! I have been taking plenty. In fact, I've already refilled the prescription twice...doh!

Margaret said...

How ya feelin?

I was killing for some good pills last week. Got up off the couch wrong and wrenched the crap out of my back (I know, no comparison to your pain). I was cursing Mark for taking all but 1/2 of my muscle relaxers from when I fainted and hit my face. He took one here and there and presto - left me with 1/2 a pill.