Thursday, July 20, 2006

Customer Service...ever hear of it?

I hate rude people. I had the misfortune of coming across one such person today. I'm going to call her Miss Too Bad So Sad. So I call the fertility desk at my insurance company to confirm that the information I was given yesterday (that they do in fact cover IVF) was true and to request that in writing for my doctor's office. Well they don't. Okay I husband's does, and I guess I'll just have to work on that little patience issue while I wait for open enrollment. I was upset, but not devastated by the news. It did bother me that I was given the wrong information, but whatever...what's six months when you've been waiting four years? (Six months is too damn long is what it is, but I digress and that question was supposed to rhetorical!) So I'm wrapping up my lovely chat with Miss TBSS (in which I remained calm and polite and she remained an asshole) and I say, "Okay, well thank you." And. She. Hung. Up. Seriously?

P.S. Why am I such a parenthesis whore today?

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amanda said...

Waiting totally sucks, but it will no doubt be worth it means that you'll have insurance coverage for your cycle. I hope the wait goes by as quickly as possible.