Thursday, July 27, 2006

Are you sure it's not a Monday?

So you know how you twist a wet towel to wring it out? Well, that's my stomach on Glucophage! Horrible cramps seem to be my only side effects, so that's encouraging.

Today was an emotional rollercoaster. This morning I found out that my company is switching insurance carriers effective at the end of next month. So immediately I go research to check out the fertility benefits. First, I'm thrilled because I saw something online that said that they covered IVF. I was cautiously optimistic. Okay, I lied...I was elated. I called K and we talked about how it was meant to be. Unfortunately, I was looking at the wrong state. Damn google and my impatient ass for hopping to conclusions. Turns out, they don't cover anything! Nada! As a matter of fact, when I called the new insurance carrier I was told that not only do they cover anything related to infertility, they also don't carry pregnancy. Come to think of it, she was pretty rude too! What is it with these people who work for insurance companies? I just don't get people being rude to me too often, as I'm a fairly friendly gal. It's actually a pet peeve of mine.

Anyway, back to the rollercoaster. So I get that nifty form letter from I can't remember where and essentially beg for mercy (and the purchase of an infertility rider) to my company's executive team. I got a prompt response that they had not planned on getting the fertility rider, but that he would check into the expense, discuss it with the executive team and get back with me with a decision. What more could I ask for? I actually got into a bit of trouble about it when I told my direct manager I had sent the email. She said I should've waited until they gave us the presentation about our insurance choices next week, and asked any questions about it at that point. The problem is, wouldn't it be too late by then? I don't regret it a bit, but I apologized to my manager anyway. I figure it's worth a try, no matter how much of a long shot it may be.

I'm wondering if I should go work for my husband's company. They pay for his insurance, but to add me it's $65-$75 a WEEK! It would be well worth it since they cover unlimited IVF's, so I guess we'll wait and see what happens. Seriously? More waiting? I'm just so bad at that!

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Jennie said...

I'm a little stunned your manager felt the need to comment at all, insurance has various degrees of importance to each of us, for you it's dayum important so of course your going to do your utmost to get a rider included, in the real world we'd all do that. so good on you!

crossing fingers hoping you do get coverage even partial for ivf. good luck