Monday, June 25, 2007

Obsess much?

Me: Baby, have you seen that SWAT show on A&E? It's fantastic! I just found it today, and I'm already totally addicted to it.

K: You're addicted to anything you do more than once!

Me: Nuh uh! I'm not addicted to cleaning.

K: I said something you do more than once.

Me: Jackass!

I don't think I've mentioned this because it's not something that I'm particularly proud of, but I have a highly addictive personality. Whenever I find something I'm interested in or something I like, I tend to dive in headfirst and get slightly obsessed with it. Case in point, I've been googling SWAT today and reading the episode descriptions and bios of the super hot SWAT guys. Also? I'm flighty, so my obsessions come and go. I think it's charming. He thinks it's really annoying. What can I say? The show is amazing. I spent much of Sunday afternoon watching a SWAT marathon, and now I MUST see them all. It's quite compelling, and I have a thing for criminology and law.

In unrelated news, my hair looks like shit today! Oh and? I'm in desperate need of a nap.


Margaret said...

Love that show too.

Dallas SWAT is way better than Kansas City or Detroit. Mark says 'Is there really a difference?"


Jackass. (to use your word)

Jessica said...

Oh yeah...there is a difference!! Dallas is definitely the best. My favorite was the 18 wheeler hijacking. That was craaaaaaazy!!!!

min said...

I haven't seen SWAT, but are obsessive personalities great? You throw yourself into something, burn yourself out on it...then move on to the next thing.

Jessica said...

It's a blessing and a curse, min! I enjoy it! I'm rarely bored. I think you described it perfectly. I definitely throw myself into something and burn myself out on it. I think it's related to my ADD. I don't mind it, but it drives K NUTS!

Jenny said...

I'm exactly the same way...except my current obsession is Ghost Hunters...or Ghost Plumbers as my husband calls it.

Jessica said...

Ghost Hunters? OMG...that totally sounds like something I could get addicted to!! Must check it out!!