Monday, June 18, 2007

Poor Trixie

We've been having a really exciting week since K left. Trixie is in heat, and is now rocking the latest in diaper chic! Doesn't she look miserable? I'm planning on getting her spayed ASAP! She's only nine months old, and this is the first (and last) time that she's been in heat. I'm not sure which one of us hates it more.
On a completely unrelated note, I can't believe yesterday was Father's day and I didn't even mention MY dad! Because you may not know this...but he rocks! As a matter of fact, I don't think he should have to share a post with Trixie, so tomorrow, I'll tell you why he's so awesome!


Jenny said...

Lukcy for Trixie, black looks good on everyone.

(Very slimming.)

Jessica said...

So true Jenny! In the name of equality, I think I'll get the bitch a matching necklace and heels and call it a day!

Margaret said...

very color coordinated with her fur.